2014 TOKYO NEW DESIGNER FASHION GRAND PRIX|Tokyo 新人デザイナーファッション大賞 服は裸を超えられるか。

Tokyo 新人デザイナーファッション大賞は、若手デザイナーを発掘し、
ビジネスの拡大に向けて様々な支援をしています。 The Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix aims
to discover young fashion designers and
support them in expanding their businesses.





2015 Spring/Summer Fashion Show Merry Colle 2014

CRETATORS TOKYO, a team of Tokyo’s leading and spirited fashion designers, is delighted to present the 2015 Spring/Summer Fashion Show and 2014 Autumn/Winter Brands Sale for Christmas. (free admission)
This year's show presents 18 of the 31 brands represented in CREATORS TOKYO.
We invite you to enjoy the show featuring more than 80 pieces of the latest designs from the highly anticipated 2015 Spring/Summer collection.
The 2014 Autumn/Winter Brands Sale including samples will be held at an adjacent venue.

Date: December 23 (Tue), 2014 (national holiday) Time: 11:00-18:00 Location: Tokyo International Forum, Hall B7
Address: 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Nearest train stations: JR Tokyo Station, Metro Yurakucho Station
Parking available in the Tokyo International Forum Parking Lot.

  • 2015 Spring/Summer Fashion Show

    Show times: 13:30 (A/B), 15:30 (A/C) and 17:30 (B/C)
    Total of three shows (250 guests each show)

    A drawing will be held for free invitations to the show (good for up to two people per invitation).
    To apply, please send an e-mail to merrycolle2014@gmail.com including in the subject line (title) “Application for Merry Colle Fashion Show”. In the body of the e-mail write the show time you prefer, your name, address and telephone number where you can be reached during the day. The deadline for receiving e-mail requests is December 10, 2014.
    Pair invitation cards will be sent to winners selected in the drawing.

    <Participating Brands>
    A:Neb aaran do by Neb aaran do, YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING, POTTENBURN TOHKII, ATENOY/One Piece and Tights,
    tiit and kapuwa
    B:divka, Ventriloquist, MITSUSHI YANAIHARA, Tomoumi Ono, Motohiro Tanji, YUUKI OGURA
    C:doublet, TaaKK, jean genie & hungry freaks, daddy, CINOH, No, No, Yes!, motonari ono

  • 2014 Autumn/Winter Brands Sale

    Free admission, open to anyone
    The latest collections and samples of spirited designers representing 19 brands will be available at special prices.
    Payment by cash or credit card (lump-sum payment) accepted.
    Clothing will be sold as is. Repair/Return services will not be offered.

    <Participating Brands>
    Neb aaran do by Neb aaran do, YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING, POTTENBURN TOHKII, ATENOY/One Piece and Tights, tilt, kapuwa, divka, Ventriloquist, MITSUSHI YANAIHARA, Tomoumi Ono, YUUKI OGURA, jean genie & hungry freaks, daddy, CINOH, No, No, Yes!, motonari ono, SHIGA, SHIROMA, LAMARCK, MICHAIL GKINIS

  • Other Events - Merry Christmas Plan

    You'll find many unique photo opportunity spots based on designers' ideas!
    Professional artists will be on hand offering one-point hair/makeup service.
    Why not visit your favorite photo opp spot and have your picture taken?

For more information, please send an e-mail to infomerrycolle@gmail.com.
If using a mobile phone, please adjust e-mail settings so that we write back to you.

<Precautions and Notes>
  • ・ In order to ensure the safety of all, you may have to wait in line for admission.
  • ・ Quantities are limited to stock on hand and no longer available when sold out.
  • ・ You may have to wait in line for checking out depending on attendance level at that time.
  • ・ The following credit cards will be accepted for payment (lump-sum only): VISA, Master, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS
  • ・ Reward cards, cash vouchers including gift certificates and gift coupons, electronic money including Suica and Edy, and debit cards cannot be used for payment at the Exhibition and Sale.